How to choose the perfect cover photo size for your Hashnode Blogs

How to choose the perfect cover photo size for your Hashnode Blogs


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Part of importing my blog posts from a WordPress platform to Hashnode involved re-uploading the images correctly. When I am fixing the image links for this post, I was not able to find any proper guides for the cover photo size and I thought to write up a blog post for users like me.

First things first, if you are after a detailed post on how to create cover images and why - I would recommend this gem from the townhall.

Pixel Size

Your cover photo should be of minimum size 800 (width) x 420 (height) px. Now, if you like me plan to upload an image that has a minimum height of 420px and different width sizes (1039px). Then you are in for a big surprise. The cover photo will not look right and an example screenshot is provided below:


So, what went wrong here? The above image size is 1039 x 420px which is definitely above the minimum size requirement. After playing around with different images size, I found that the cover photo should have the exact minimum size of 800 x 420px which may not work for some images and you have to try the next highest option 1600 x 840 px.

Consider Aspect Ratio

So, what is an aspect ratio? It is simply the ratio between the width and height measurement. This tells you the shape of your image. So, when you are resizing you can maintain the same shape for the smaller/ larger versions of your image.

For the Hashnode cover images, you should lock down the aspect ratio to 1.9:1 and the image size must be greater than or equal to 800 x 420 px. Example: 1600 x 840 px or 2400 x 1260 px.

Bonus Tip! Pixlr is my favorite tool to resize images and it's free!! What is yours? let me know below in the comments

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